UPVC 1K Binder 731 Topcoat 4.25L


TULDA UPVC 1K Topcoat is a one-component coating specially formulated for superior adhesion on a wide range of hard and flexible plastic surfaces including UPVC, foamex board and flexible PVC materials. Ideal for revitalising old and worn cladding and fascia boards, offering an economical alternative to replacement. The formulation ensures compatibility with UPVC windows, providing excellent adhesion and a fast-drying feature for quick and easy application.

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  • Enhanced adhesion: Tulda UPVC 1K Binder features a one-component formulation specially crafted for superior adhesion on various hard and flexible plastic surfaces, including UPVC, foamex board, and flexible PVC materials.
  • Cost-effective revitalization: Ideal for rejuvenating old and worn cladding and fascia boards, this topcoat offers an economical alternative to replacement, saving you both time and money on renovation projects.
  • Compatibility assurance: Formulated for compatibility with UPVC windows, Tulda UPVC 1K Binder ensures excellent adhesion and compatibility, guaranteeing a seamless finish every time.
  • Fast-drying feature: With its fast-drying formula, this topcoat facilitates quick and easy application, allowing you to complete your projects efficiently and effectively.
  • Versatile application: Suitable for a wide range of surfaces, Tulda UPVC 1K Binder is a versatile solution for various applications, making it an essential addition to your coating arsenal.


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