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Minimalist Home Decorations That You Must Have

Having a small house doesn’t mean you can’t create a comfortable atmosphere and even make it look bigger. Previously, you need to know that this comfortable house does not always have to be filled with lots of supporting furniture or expensive decorations, but rather just simple home decorations . From simple to modern models, houses are always built to provide comfort to their occupants. One of them is through the right interior design which is believed to increase comfort and relieve stress. In addition, the right interior design can create positive vibes in the house. Unfortunately, many are still worried that this process will cost a lot of money.

1. Hang the curtains as high as possible

When choosing curtains for simple home decoration, you need to consider not only the color and material but also the position of the curtain pole. To make the house feel more majestic and tall, hang the curtains as high as possible to create an illusion. Don’t worry if your windows are small, because this curtain decoration will hide the size of the window.

2. Comfortable Reading Room

This creative home idea is truly a paradise for bibliophiles or book situs slot readers, who love a cozy and calm atmosphere. You can add a reading corner with elegant lamps, hanging chairs, big plush pillows, some sleek shelves and nesting tables. For lighting, you can use natural light coming in from the windows. Of course, this will create a warm and calming atmosphere.

3. Efficient Spatial Layout

An efficient room layout is the key to creating a functional and comfortable space. With the right layout, a room can feel more spacious, organized, and maximize the use of every corner of the room. Here are some ideas for creating an efficient layout: Open Space: Use the open space concept by removing the walls that separate the living room, family room, and dining room. This creates a modern and spacious impression in the room.

4. Living Room with Natural Interior

The next interior design for the living room is to provide a natural feel by placing indoor ornamental plants. Sometimes, the interior design of a minimalist living room feels stiff and cold. With the presence of ornamental plants, you can provide a more natural feel to the living room. In addition to plants, you can also place some additional decorations such as patterned sofa cushions to wall decorations.

5. Colored tape for wall decoration

Want an easy but aesthetic DIY idea? Just decorate your home walls with colored tape but make sure this decoration is installed on a completely empty wall. Choose a tape color that can create visual harmony in the house. For the design itself, you can adjust it yourself with your creativity so that the DIY results are not only attractive but also provide satisfaction in the heart.

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