Fashion Shows of the 2010s That Vogue Editors Wish They’d Seen

We’ve spent a lot of time this year discussing the fashions of the 2010s—charting trends on both the runways and the street; measuring collections against each other; and weighing in on such phenomena as leggings and the ubiquitous dad sneaker.

It’s involved a lot of reminiscing, but a fair bit of regret, too. We covered about 10,000 fashion shows in the last 10 years. That’s a lot of runways and none of us managed to see them all. We figured that the ones we’re saddest about missing most tell https://agata.id/ their own story about the decade, and indeed a quick survey of the list below points to several key developments that emerged in the 2010s: the appearance of destination shows, a much-needed turn to diversity and inclusivity; and a rising fascination with menswear. By the way, the fall 2020 men’s shows start in less than two weeks on January 4. In the meantime, read about 10 definitive shows of the 2010s that we wish we’d seen.

Rick Owens spring 2014

Back in 2013 the runway format was a lot stricter than it is now, less experiential. So the step dancers at this Rick Owens outing—their features set in perma-scowls called “grit face” and bodies synchronized to a backbeat—were a fabulous revelation. From the stories I heard in the show’s aftermath it was the most energizing and uplifting of fashion happenings that my colleagues had ever experienced, a celebration of fierce female power.

Martine Rose spring 2019

Strange—strange good, in this situation—are the emotions you feel when a designer’s show, in this case spring 2019 from Martine Rose, intersects with your own past. Rose presented her collection at St. Leonard’s Square in the north London neighborhood of Chalk Farm, with the designer inviting everyone who lived on the square to the show along with the fashion world’s usual suspects. That resulted in this, wrote Nick Remsen in his review:

Gucci resort 2019

“If you remember Woodstock, you probably weren’t there,” the old joke goes. But what if you swear you can remember things, and you know you weren’t there? I was 4,000 miles away from Arles, France, when Gucci held its resort 2019 collection on the Promenade Des Alyscamps, the final resting place of Roman bigwigs buried here two millennia ago—and yet I can almost feel the squishy, spooky leaves beneath my feet.

Christian Dior fall 2012 haute couture

Allow me to start with the setting: each salon paneled in floor-to-ceiling monochromatic flowers: What was the fragrance of all that mimosa? How did it feel to run one’s hands over so many tightly packed orchids? The backdrop of deep blue delphiniums from the runway photos remains breathtaking to this day. Of all the outstanding sets I have had the privilege of experiencing (i.e. seasons of Chanel shows), the tastefully maximalist concept and execution by Bureau Betak along with florists Mark Colle and Eric Chauvin will be forever imprinted on my mind’s eye.

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