Top 5 Learning Platforms for Teenagers to Hone Their Skills

Nowadays, it has become essential for everyone to be a ‘master of all trades’, doesn’t matter if they are retired 60-year-olds or mere teenagers. Amongst these people, teenagers particularly need to learn different as well as latest skills to sustain themselves in this fast-paced life. Earlier, teenagers had a lot on their plates. They were busy with their schools, friends, and several engaging hobbies. However, with the onset of COVID-19, not only teenager, but their parents, are giving a face-palm to themselves while figuring out what to do with all the time at crossroadsfeedandseed.com their homes. Other than making them work-out and registering them for numerous online classes, parents are concentrating on training and embedding some useful life skills in their children.

1. Coursera

Coursera is an uber-popular online learning platform for teens which offers more than 3,000 courses across numerous fields of studies. It provides both paid and unpaid certifications in desired fields from various international universities. Coursera offers various bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. These programs are playing a major role in removing the barriers to higher education created by the score-card-centered society.

2. Khan Academy

Today, Khan Academy has become the face of ‘advanced’ education by taking ‘interactive learning’ to a whole new level. It offers enumerable readings, videos, and other interactive tools to teach its users. The courses offered by Khan Academy are not age-based, which helps learners of all age groups to either advance their learning or refresh their basic knowledge.

3. Skillshare

At present, teenagers have become a group of people who have skills and talent in abundance but there’s no outlet where they can properly showcase or exhibit what they want to. As the name suggests, ‘Skillshare’ is an online learning community that offers thousands of courses for all sorts of curious and creative people. The topics for these classes include video illustration, freelancing, photography, and design.

4. MasterClass

During the pandemic, a lot of platforms came forward to help with the due cognitive development of teenagers. One of these channels is MasterClass, which offers study material taught by the best people in the industry. If you’ve seen the movie ‘F.A.L.T.U.’, this platform has literally brought its concept to life.

5. StockGro

StockGro is a fintech startup that concentrates on teaching people from all age groups about the valuable knowledge of investing in stocks. It simplifies the entire journey of buying and selling stocks. These days with severe inflation going on, it has become vital that people know where to invest their money and generate greater savings. This knowledge is equally important for teenagers because they are the ones who will run our country in the coming future.

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