The PCB has chosen Lahore as the only Champions Trophy 2025 site for Team India.

According to a report from ESPNCricinfo, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has agreed to include India in every Champions Trophy match in Lahore, Pakistan, next year. The multi-team ICC competition is slated to take place in Pakistan in 2025. The report states that PCB is considering hosting the tournament in the middle of February.

Because Lahore is so near to the Wagah Border, which separates Pakistan and India, the PCB decided to welcome the Indian team there. The article further states that the jeetbuzz Trophy final would be held in Lahore.

The Champions Trophy will be held in three cities: Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi. However, PCB has a very obvious explanation for why India will only play in one location: it makes travel less taxing for Indian supporters and easier to organize in terms of logistics and security.

The last time India visited Pakistan for the 2008 Asia Cup was seventeen years ago. For almost 11 years, tensions in their diplomatic and political ties have kept the two countries from engaging in a bilateral cricket series.

Last year’s Asia Cup was held in Pakistan, which was supposed to be the hosts, but India decided not to participate, hence a hybrid format was used. All of the matches, including the championship game, were played in Sri Lanka by the Indian squad captained by Rohit Sharma. To compete in the ODI World Cup, which was held in five separate cities—Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata—the Pakistani team flew to India in October.

A separate PTI article states that Wasim Khan, the general manager of the ICC, visited Lahore and spoke with the PCB about the Champions Trophy. He expressed a special interest in Team India’s prospective competition schedule.

A PCB source told the news agency that “the ICC general manager Wasim Khan also recently visited Lahore where he discussed the CT arrangements with the 91 club top brass, and it was suggested that the Indian team’s travel itinerary be kept to a minimum.”

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