How is the market for online bingo in Spain performing?

People in Spain have a wide variety of activities that they simply adore. Naturally, there is football, as they follow the most recent outcomes involving Real Madrid and Barcelona. Additionally, tennis is well-liked, particularly among supporters of Rafael Nadal, a local icon, but recent years have demonstrated that Spanish citizens also enjoy playing online bingo.

An increase in revenue

The allure of substantial payouts for one line, two lines, or a full house has led to a consistent rise in the amount of real money wagered on online bingo. The regulatory body Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) recently published a report indicating a significant increase in the earnings generated from online bingo.

Spending on online bingo increased by 18% to €13 million in 2018. This continues the mostbet trajectory of growth that commenced in 2016. Online bingo, similar to other casino activities and sports betting in particular, is experiencing significant growth.

The online bingo industry has experienced significant growth, and the increasing demand for a complete house has propelled bingo to the position of the second most popular game played online. Online bingo sites are attracting an increasing number of new consumers.

Seeking Out Additional Clients

As an increasing number of websites enter the market, the pursuit of acquiring new consumers becomes increasingly vital. Bingo sites will lavish prospective patrons with promotions and welcome bonuses.

While registration is the primary requirement for the majority of these offers, recipients of welcome bonuses are required to deposit funds into their accounts beforehand. Although no-deposit bingo incentives, which are extremely popular in other markets, are not currently available at Spanish bingo sites, there are iplwin other promotions to take advantage of.

Salutations to 2018!

Further examining the revenue figures for online bingo in 2018, the fourth quarter generated €3.5 million in revenue, a 12% year-over-year increase. The online bingo market in Spain being characterized as a “exciting high-growth regulated market” with “strong multi-channel potential” is therefore not surprising.

It is discernible that expenditures on marketing across all verticals increased significantly from €222 million to €329 million in the previous year. It appears that the communications being disseminated by the marketing executives are yielding positive results in the form of increased spending, specifically in the realm of online bingo.

The Traditions of Bingo

The success that online bingo has achieved in Spain is not unexpected. There have historically been a significant number of bingo participants in the nation. Decades have passed since individuals began frequenting their neighborhood bingo halls in search of a good time with companions and, presumably, substantial payouts. The game’s immense popularity necessitated regulatory measures by the Spanish government regarding the proximity of bingo halls to one another.

New Gambling Legislation

Consequently, it was unavoidable that bingo enthusiasts would expand their desires to include online play upon the modification of wagering regulations in 2012. Another factor contributing to the rise in popularity of online bingo was the prohibition of smoking within bingo halls. Players came to the realization that they could smoke and play online at will.

Legal standing

Notwithstanding prior concerns regarding the legitimacy of engaging in online bingo. Back in 2012, the Spanish government passed laws that only allowed online gambling to be run by companies with a Spanish-government-issued licence and an .es domain. This greatly affected British ex-pats who have been playing bingo on international sites and chatting away to their friends in chatrooms.

Last year, there were more issues for British travelers and expatriates, but they were ones that could have been avoided had they been betting online. In Benidorm last year UK tourists had their games in a pub ended and prize money seized and were accused of illegal gambling activities.

Players of All Ages Participate in Bingo

Now those problems are in the past and players in Spain just can’t get enough of playing 75 or 90-ball bingo games. The long-standing image of bingo being played by old people (mainly female) or people at the seaside dodging the showers has long been ruled out.

Bingo is attracting players of all ages these days and there’s an active and generous community. The lure of winning massive prizes and a steady stream of games throughout the day is attracting more and more players, and the recent figures prove that.

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