The 5 Best Apps to Have a More Productive Reading Experience

Transform your reading habits, boost your motivation, and unlock the full potential of your literary adventures with these apps.

With thousands of books available at your https://www.detikindonesia.id/ fingertips, reading has become one of the most accessible habits you can acquire. Yet, it’s not always easy to stay motivated and keep track of all the books you want to read.

Fortunately, There are apps that can help you reach your reading goals while enhancing your overall reading experience. Whether you’re a bookworm or a newbie, try these apps to read smarter and get more out of your books.

1. Basmo

Basmo is an excellent tool for avid readers and those striving to reach their reading goals. You don’t need to worry about how to achieve your reading goals—Basmo does the math for you. Enter how many books you want to read this year, and Basmo will calculate how many minutes per day you should read.

On the My Books page, you can manage a digital bookshelf for all the books you are reading. You can also begin reading sessions on separate books to track your reading time. Basmo also displays a completion percentage to measure your progress as you read.

If you’re curious about your reading speed, you can head over to the Stats tab. Here, you can discover detailed analytics about your reading habits and how they compare with the rest of the population. Examples of Basmo’s statistics include your longest reading session, current streak, and hourly reading rate.

2. Read More

If you want to get more knowledge from the books you read, this next app can be an invaluable companion by helping you retain the information you’ve learned. Read More lets you capture quotes from your favorite books and effortlessly share them.

Thanks to the handy Highlights tab, you can easily highlight key information from books. Simply select a book from your library, enter the chapter number, and add as many highlights as you like. If you’re serious about reading and want to upgrade, you can use the Pro version’s text scanning feature to automatically add highlights.

3. Fable

If you’re eager to explore different perspectives on books you have read, why not join a virtual book club? Fable is a community-driven app where you can share your thoughts with others and post suggestions.

You can create posts from the Home tab, leave comments on others’ posts, and even start your own book club. The Club tab helps you discover popular book clubs categorized by genre and popularity.

Fable also features a book reviews section, where you can read book reviews or write your own. Fable is a must-have if you’re eager to share thoughts with like-minded people.

4. 12min

If you’re passionate about reading but struggle to find the time, 12min offers an innovative solution. It provides concise summaries of the most powerful ideas from renowned books. Explore new titles in the Discover tab. Then, head to the Library tab to access critical summary reviews for a superfast reading experience.

You can listen to summaries in audiobook format or read the text version. On the reading display, you can adjust the text size and enable dark mode to reduce eye strain at night.

5. Reading Trainer

Reading Trainer is one of the best apps to improve your reading speed. You can improve your comprehension and absorb information more efficiently by completing exercises and games.

Whether you’re looking to read emails, articles, or books faster, Reading Trainer builds a personalized curriculum based on your preferences. As part of this, you’ll take a reading speed test, which is great for seeing what level you’re currently at.

Letter Jumble, Word Paris, and Text Search are just a few of the exercises to help strengthen your reading abilities. You can level up your reading power for a game-like experience and view detailed statistics to track your progress. This includes a rating for each exercise so you can easily identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you want to make speed reading your superpower, try out Reading Trainer and make your to-read list vanish in no time.

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